Landing Pages Made Easy

Testing and Optimization


Trisha Fawver from PsPrint recently wrote a great review of Marketo’s landing page optimization software.  (PsPrint combines the very best in web technologies with state-of-the-art production facilities to provide fast and affordable online color printing; Trisha’s blog, Print This!, explores how printing fits into the new ages of Marketing 2.0).

Here’s an excerpt of what Trisha wrote:

As most marketing professionals have experienced, we all get these
lofty, grand ideas about ways to draw in customers, enhance our user
interfaces, sell the products, you name it. But often, when we present
these rough ideas to the IT or tech departments at our company, we’re
met with resistance….

We had a similar problem with landing pages recently. Not enough IT or
design resources to create, code, and launch the many different landing
pages we wanted to create to promote things. Without more IT people or
more designers, we were faced with sticking a lot of ideas in drawers.

Until now.  We came across Marketo,
online B2B marketing software that offers landing page creative tools, integration, Google AdWords integration in their PPC
product, and soon to come will be lead management tools. A
short-tech-staffed marketer’s dream come true.

Sounds great to me! This gives us exactly the vehicle we want, for not
that much money at all, to launch numerous landing pages presenting
whitepaper downloads and other product or project specific information.
One of the best features of Marketo’s landing page optimization is that you can sent the pages to appear under your company’s URL.
They’re a great invisible partner, with pretty thorough reporting tools

I highly encourage anyone remotely interested to use their Test Drive feature to play around with a dummy account or to go ahead and sign up for the free 14 day trial.
Once you see how easy it is (seriously… practically everything is
drag & drop) you’ll be intrigued to learn more about how it can
help you.

Thanks Trisha, I couldn’t have said it better myself!