Lead Nurturing – Achieve better marketing results in only 20 minutes a week



Lead nurturing Over the past few months I have seen numerous webinars and classes to help marketers do more with their marketing
resources and budgets, but often I find that I have given up my lunch break to
a webinar that never gets to the meat of a topic. This isn’t because they're not good webinars, it’s because they are created for everyone- the beginner
and advanced user- all in 40 minutes time.  That’s a lot of information to
take in at once, regardless of how well you know the topic. And typically,
these webinars have one or two speakers, so you are only getting one or two
points of view. 

Today Marketo released chapter one on a four part series
on lead
.  This chapter is taken from a new workbook, The
Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing
, which is a result of years of Marketo
experience and lessons we’ve learned from our 200+ customers.   
Each chapter can be read in about 20 minutes with the first one focusing on
really understanding the benefits of lead nurturing.  By sharing
this book one chapter at a time we are making it digestible, giving readers just the right amount of information at once. 

In addition to understanding what benefits can be obtained from lead nurutring this first chapter talks about what lead nurturing is NOT, including:

  • Sending out an e-newsletter on a semi-regular basis
  • Randomly calling leads every six weeks to see if they are ready to buy
  • Blasting your entire database with a new case study
  • Offering content that promotes your company’s products and services and does not take into account your prospects’ interests or needs at their stage of buying

This doesn't mean that your marketing is ineffective if you are doing these marketing activities.  Instead, it means that you could be getting more out of the marketing you are doing, potentially with less effort. 

Future chapters focus on the basics of creating a lead
nurturing program
, more advanced strategies to improve your current lead
nurturing campaigns
, and a final chapter which shares how to calculate the
ROI of your lead nurturing program
.  This is more than a white paper,
but instead a workbook with space for you to do your own calculations to prove
your own results.  

Interested in improving your current marketing programs?  Check out chapter one of The
Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing
.  It’s a must read for your summer reading list!