The Truth about Landing Page Optimization

Testing and Optimization



The truth about landing page optimization is that you can make 1000 landing pages and if you aren’t doing any optimization work it doesn’t mean that the 1000th will be any better than the first. Why? Because unless you are really looking at which elements of your landing pages work and which ones don’t you never know what to change.

While landing page optimization isn’t hard, it can be intimidating at first. Plus, it can be time consuming if you aren’t using proven methods to improve your pages. Because of this I am excited to see that MarketingExperiments has developed a training course just for Landing Page Optimization.

This 8 hour course is stopping in at least six more cities across the country and provides a professional certification for those that attend. This may not sound like enough time, but Marketing Experiments has been teaching about landing page optimization for years and teaches a patent-pending method that allows you to systematically optimize all your landing pages on your own.

I know that many have little budget to spend on education this year, but for those who need a way to prove the value to your boss just point out the benefits others have received. I know that attendees have seen lifts in their conversions of over 300%. Take a few minutes and figure out what kind of financial impact 300% more leads would mean to your company and how happy your sales team would be with these additional leads.

Check out the MarketingExperiments 2009 Landing Page Optimization Training Tour to find the city nearest you.