5 Top Holiday Marketing Landing Pages

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Holiday-marketing Savvy B2B organizations dedicate a great deal of effort to landing page optimization for their websites, creating relevant, keyword-optimized pages to generate more leads and improve conversion rates.

But there’s always room for creativity and excitement in landing page design, especially during the holiday season. B2B marketers can take a cue from B2C businesses and e-commerce sites that are ringing in the New Year – and boosting sales in the process – with holiday marketing landing pages.

Check out 5 of the top holiday marketing landing pages.

Verizon Holiday Portal
This holiday-inspired B2C landing page truly lives up to its tagline as “The Best Destination for Holiday Gifts.” The page not only allows visitors to view special offers on phones and other mobile devices, it also invites them to have some fun while they’re at it, like taking part in a virtual snowball fight.  Customers can also design and order holiday-themed gift cards, and create their own wish list. Plus, customers can download holiday wallpaper, ringtones, games and apps for their Verizon phones.

While something this fluffy might not make sense for your B2B landing page (or perhaps it might), the idea is to create engagement and hopefully something sharable. Think of how your B2B website can incorporate some holiday fun.


Citi College Credit Card
Credit card companies might be finding themselves in tricky territory as they market to college students this season. After all, debts are high, credit is low and many college graduates are having a hard time finding work. But Citi has created a unique holiday marketing strategy appropriate for the times, rewarding students for using credit wisely. This holiday-themed landing page offers up to 3,600 bonus points, good for a $25 gift card, for students who pay bills on time and stay within credit limits. This past month the campaign drove nearly 500,000 unique users to the landing page.

Are your B2B customers having a difficult time this holiday season? Find ways to gently speak to their current situations in your holiday marketing strategy.


RedEnvelope Holiday Sales
This e-commerce site offers wide-ranging collections of gifts to celebrate any occasion or “just because it’s a joy to give.” During this holiday season, RedEnvelope has taken that mantra to the extreme. This landing page is designed to spread holiday cheer while creating a sense of urgency for shoppers, urging them that “time is running out.” Visitors can browse through the holiday catalog or choose from the most popular products. Plus, customers can receive up to 20% off all orders just by visiting the landing page – now that’s holiday cheer.

Take a similar approach with your B2B organization’s website. What special offers or discounts could you offer this season to convert additional sales leads?

Red Envelope

Russell Stover
This holiday marketing landing page from Russell Stover attempts to be a one-stop shop for everything sweet. Customers can find holiday stockings and tins full of goodies, holiday gift cards for those who have everything, and even boxes of chocolates personalized with holiday family photos. In reality, these holiday-themed products offered are no different than the products offered by the candy maker year-round. But with the right messaging strategy and some added holiday spirit, they take on another life.

Even if your organization isn’t offering any seasonal products or special discounts, it may be possible to reposition your current offerings to give them a holiday spin.

Russell Stover

LaCie, an e-commerce site for hard drives, software and other accessories, has created a sense of excitement and anticipation with its holiday-themed landing page. Each week from mid November to the end of December, the site is unveiling a new special offer for customers. The site gives small hints – “Add color to your digital life” and “For cold winter nights” – to build even more curiosity.

You too can create some excitement and buildup for your customers. Keep them coming back to your site this season by offering hints at what’s to come in the New Year – offering a bit more information every week.


Has your B2B organization created a holiday marketing landing page this season? Tell us about it.