Simple Steps to Creating Custom Social Landing Pages and Social Emails

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Do you want your landing pages and emails to be shared in social media, but don’t know how to encourage your readers to do so? It is not as hard as you might think.

A simple way to make your landing pages social media friendly is to use a plug-in like ShareThis or AddThis. These sites add a small bar to a blog post or web page that allows content to be distributed to hundreds of sites.

The problem with this is you may want to customize the message that is going to be shared. This means sharing more than a URL by adding the content title or promotion into the message as well. Fortunately, custom links that share your content in social media are easy, too. This can be done in emails or landing pages for lots of sites including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Simply replace (xURLx) with the actual URL and (xTitlex) with the actual title for these popular sites.

Share on Twitter
Link code: and xTitlex)
Example: Leader in Marketing Automation-

Facebook Logo
Share on Facebook
Link code:

LinkedIn Logo
Share on LinkedIn
Link code:{xURLx}&title={xTITLEx}&summary={xSummaryx}&source={xSourcex}

Share on
Link code:;title=(xTITLEx)

Reditt Logo
Share on Reddit

Link code:;title=(xTITLEx)

Share on StumbleUpon
Link code:

Not only will the links help share the content faster, but your readers will also be given a link or image as a cue to distribute to their network, a great way to expand outside of your current network.