Why Trust Matters to B2B Marketers: An Important Statistic



Greg Link, Co-founder of the Global Speed of Trust Practice (left) and Craig Spiezle, Executive Director of the OTA

Greg Link’s keynote at the OTA 2010 summit had one statistic that stands out and answers the question: Why does trust matter to B2B marketers?

91% of people decided to buy from a business they trust

It’s that simple.  Trust matters to marketers because people buy from businesses they trust.  Indeed, lead nurturing programs take trust building as a fundamental pillar.  For example, thought leadership is often an important stage of lead nurturing.  And what is thought leadership about?  It’s about establishing trust that your business know best and knows what it is doing.

Since trust is so key to the buying decision, good marketers have to – and do – focus on building trust.