Are You in Spreadsheet Hell or Budgeting Bliss? [Infographic]



Have you ever found yourself stuck in spreadsheet hell? Waking up the morning that your budget is due and dreading the time you will spend stuck in spreadsheet hell as you are trying to track spend on all of your marketing programs? Do you feel like a zombie as you stay up all night trying to reconcile invoices from different members of your team? Do you feel super stressed out because you are not communicating with finance and you fear you have lost credibility?

If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. Many marketers spend time stuck in their own spreadsheet hell. In fact, 89% of organizations are still using spreadsheets to manage budgets. I know, crazy right?

But going beyond the spreadsheet will enable you to perform better and provide metrics that lead to greater accuracy in your forecasting and budget. Enter Financial Management: your ticket to budgeting bliss. And what is budgeting bliss? Well, it is a wonderful place in the sky with cute smiling piggy banks where you can be super happy of course! Once you finally get freed from your addiction to evil spreadsheets you will be able to share and manage budgets with ease, forecast accurately, and report ROI. Because when you know where your marketing spend is occurring, you can manage it more intelligently, so you can remain in budgeting bliss!

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