How to Cure a Case of the Marketing Budget Blues [Video]

Marketing Budget


Meet Dan. Dan walks into the office on Monday morning knowing full well that his budget is due into finance by end of the day. But Dan has struggled all month to get a complete picture of what his marketing team has spent.

Dan thinks about how he is going to figure this all out and he is filled with dread.

To top it all off Dan is stuck in spreadsheet hell. Budget data changes daily and it is distributed across many documents, spreadsheets, and finance systems. How is he supposed to find anything in this mess?

Does this story sound familiar? Too many marketers experience this on a monthly basis. So how do you overcome these challenges?

Introducing Marketo Financial Management.  A budget and spend tracking software made for marketing teams, so they can run the business of marketing. Now you can get a complete and accurate view to make spending decisions with confidence and to stay in lock-step with finance. Want to learn more? Sign up today for one of our upcoming Marketo Financial Management demos.

Watch this video below and learn how Marketo Financial Management can come to your rescue, curing your bad case of the Monday budget blues.