How To Build Your Marketing Stack

Marketing Technology


As a marketer, you probably know too well that buying has changed. Today’s self-empowered, self-educating buyer makes major progress down the path to purchase before ever talking to sales, which means that marketing is responsible for more engagement and interaction with buyers than ever before. It also means that marketers need to stay educated about new channels, evaluate their potential, and understand all of the various marketing technologies and solutions available to help them leverage these channels. LUMA Partners’ recent marketing technology landscape, which depicts over 1,000 marketing solutions, illustrates just how difficult this can be. With so many options available to the modern marketer, how do you know where to begin?

One place to start is with Marketo’s technology partner ecosystem on LaunchPoint. It’s exclusively focused on educating marketers about innovative solutions that address the challenges modern marketer’s face. Today we are excited to celebrate LaunchPoint’s two-year anniversary – it’s been an incredible journey for our customers and our partners! Read all about it here.

To celebrate this anniversary we have written and published our latest ebook, The Ecosystem Perspective: Building Your Marketing Stack, to help guide the modern marketer through a fragmented marketing technology landscape. We hope it helps you make sense of the various categories of marketing solutions, understand the value they provide, and how they can complement your marketing automation platform.

See how the right Marketing Ecosystem can change your organization – download our new ebook:Download: The Ecosystem Perspective