[Ebook] How Marketing Automation Empowers Small Teams

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Let me ask you this: how big is your marketing team? One hundred people, 25 people, three people…or, perhaps, are you flying solo? For the 60% of us who work on teams of one to five people, we know what it means to be tasked with doing more—but be allotted fewer resources to do so. That, in essence, is the name of the game. Whether it’s creating batch and blast emails, working off of spreadsheets, or searching through data in order to understand which channels are the top performers, small teams have manual processes down pat. But, manual isn’t optimal. Teams could be using their time much more effectively, making strides beyond their wildest imagination. How can they do this, you ask? The answer is to automate their processes.

Enter, marketing automation! Marketing automation is a powerful software tool that automates and syncs various efforts (think campaign management, customer segmentation, and data analysis, to name a few). For small marketing teams, marketing automation makes a lack of resources a non-issue, and allows teams to turn their back on endless manual and inconsistent processes.

With that being said, here are some specific ways that a marketing automation solution can help small teams take their work to the next level:

  • Customer Engagement: Marketing automation helps small teams pursue engagement marketing, which is about marketers creating meaningful interactions with people throughout their customer journey. In particular, marketing automation helps to automate the ABCDEs of engagement marketing, enabling marketers to connect with people: As individuals, Based on what they do, Continuously over time, Directed towards an outcome, and Everywhere they are. See, ABCDE!
  • Productivity: Marketing automation provides small marketing teams the relief of automating manual tasks, which frees up time to get other tasks done, whether that’s exploring new potential programs to garner new customers or crossing off items that have been sitting on their to-do list for months.
  • ROI: According to The Annuitas Group, after implementing a marketing automation tool, the average company gets a 77% increase in revenue and a 53% higher customer conversion rate. Clearly, marketing automation helps small teams to increase the ROI of their efforts, since they are no longer trapped in manual, unsynchronized, and inconsistent processes.

And, my friends, this is only the beginning! Marketing automation is an all-around winner. If you haven’t gotten on board the train yet, it’s time to grab a boarding pass!

For more information about how marketing automation can empower your small marketing team, download our new ebook, How Marketing Automation Can Help Small Teams Succeed.

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