31 Influencers to Follow in 2017: A Social Countdown

Social Media Marketing


If you’re like me, you’re always scanning the horizon (or the internet…to be realistic) for the next big thing. Staying on top of trends and understanding emerging techniques is what keeps being a marketer interesting. But let’s be honest, it also takes time. So where can you go to look for the latest tips, tricks, and trends (besides this blog… sorry, I had to)?

Look to industry experts—the movers and shakers that are always on the cusp of what’s new. This inquisitive, passionate, and experimental group of thought leaders are willing to test new ideas out (often on their own channels) and share their experiences. They provide true value—in the form of lessons and takeaways—for their audiences and in turn, have grown huge followings.

So in the holiday spirit of spreading cheer, goodwill, and awesome marketing, we’ve pulled together a pretty awesome list of marketing influencers to help you stay on top of trends in 2017. Join us for the #marketocountdown on our social channels (Twitter and Instagram) and see a new influencer revealed each day as we count down to New Year’s.

Have someone you hope to see on the list? Or someone we missed? Please share their name in the comments below.