Integrated Campaigns | How to Create Online-to-Offline Experiences

Marketing Technology


In the modern marketer’s race to capture buyer attention and create meaningful experiences, differentiation is more important than ever. 

Digital tactics are effective, but too much can create noise, drowning out your brand message and leaving consumers with the negative side effects of digital overload. Offline channels like direct mail, however, remain incredibly effective at driving awareness and engagement.

In addition, sending physical and digital items like direct mail, custom gifts, corporate swag to your audience creates a more emotional experience than digital outreach—meaning it’s a better tool for building relationships. 

Direct mail and other offline channels are not new, but the old barriers to entry with these strategies have been overcome: Sending Platforms enable companies to automate personalized offline campaigns like direct mail and measure ROI. Thanks to tools like Marketo, it’s possible to integrate with Sending Platforms and orchestrate online-to-offline campaigns, where an offline experience is triggered by marketing automation. 

The ability to orchestrate offline touchpoints enables marketers to be strategic with how they execute these integrated campaigns. Direct mail can be programmed to run alongside your emails, targeted ads, content, and other digital channels; it can also be triggered based on data like engagement, lifecycle stage, predictive data, or intent. And the ROI is clear: Marketers are seeing up to 450% return on new revenue on their integrated direct mail campaigns

When it comes to go-market-strategy, utilizing offline channels has become table stakes. 

We believe authentic relationships with your buyers and customers are achievable in a cluttered, digital world. And enabling online-to-offline experiences is one of the ways we do that. Keep reading for tactical integrated campaign ideas that generate seamless online-to-offline experiences. 

3 Online-to-Offline Campaigns Made Possible with Marketo

Demand Generation

Engage Leads That Demonstrate Intent 

Most nurture campaigns involve a series of emails sharing information to interest potential buyers: eBooks, case studies, webinars, one-pagers, and more. But simply putting potential buyers into a nurture isn’t enough; you need to understand who is engaging with that content and demonstrating intent to buy. Then you can invest in creating an offline experience with something like an inexpensive eGift card built into your digital content offers. 

For example: By integrating Marketo with a Sendoso, you can trigger an automated email after someone downloads an eBook with the eBook link and a $5 coffee eGift card. Include a message thanking them for their interest in your content and offering to buy them a coffee while they read. Your recipient gets to choose where they want to redeem the coffee in person and then has a positive, offline experience associated with your brand. 

eGifts have been shown to increase demo attendance by 20%, so we know that these offline experience can drive engagement around virtual events. Consider triggering an automated email on the day of a webinar to remind people of the event and give them something to sip on while they attend. 

As a best practice, we recommend putting an eGift touch later in your nurture campaigns, when audience members who aren’t a good fit have opted themselves out and you can put more investment into your target audience. 

Account-Based Marketing

Open Doors and Build Relationships 

Your top prospects in target accounts are probably top targets for other companies, as well. And you’re all trying to reach the same people. An offline experience as part of an integrated campaign can differentiate your outreach from what lands in someone’s voicemail or inbox. 

Lay the foundations of your integrated campaign with online channels. Utilize the same branding and messaging themes across email, targeted ads, and social media—all of which you can orchestrate through Marketo. When Marketo’s lead scoring tools identify prospects who are engaging and showing intent, Marketo’s integration with a sending platform can trigger direct mail sends that will land on their desks. 

Getting a package on your desk is an experience—one that has been proven to drive results. Companies are able to convert an average of 1 in 3 cold leads to meaningful conversations with a direct mail touch. Because this is a critical touchpoint, pair together elements that are both informative and enjoyable in your direct mail piece. 

Printed collateral like one-pagers, case studies, and eBooks are good educational elements to send with branded items like socks, YETI mugs, or coffee grounds. Include a handwritten note (automated via a Sending Platform) that explains why you sent the items and what value you’re offering. Puns can come in very handy here (i.e. send a pair of socks with a note that says, “I think we’d make a great pair. I’d love to learn more about your goals for this year.”) 

Once the package is received, the integration will alert your sales reps so that they can coordinate timely follow up. 

Field Events

Drive Attendance and Post-Event Conversations

Field events are a big investment, so it’s important to get as much return as possible and be able to measure that return. The experience starts with your invitations. Direct mail can increase response rates up to 55%, so consider sending a physical invitation, video mailer, or 3D pop-up box in addition to your digital outreach in order to drive registrations. 

Generating ROI on events also means continuing the engagement after someone attends your event. They’ve shown a lot of engagement and interest by physically interacting with your brand, which should be reflected in their Marketo lead score. For post-event engagement, you can set up an automated direct mail send that would trigger when a contact’s status changes to “Attended.” 

The follow-up direct mail piece could potentially be informational material that summarizes the topics covered at the event or a branded swag item with the same theme as your event. Get creative on how you tie the send to your event (Did you sponsor a conference and host a happy hour in Arizona? Put a desert-themed logo on a water bottle and send it to attendees so they’ll remember the specific event where they engaged with your brand). Include a handwritten note each attendee signed by a sales rep. One-to-one direct mail sends from sales reps can yield up to 60% conversion rates to meetings

The integration also enables you to tag all the direct mail sends to campaigns in your CRM in order to measure the ROI. With the ability to automate, personalize, and measure direct mail success within Marketo, marketers are seeing ROI across the funnel. But they aren’t using it as a solo channel for engagement. They’re coordinating these touchpoints with digital channels and using data to trigger personalized offline experiences.